Generali Česká pojišťovna

Proximity Prague

For more than ten years, for Generali Česká pojišťovna, we have executed the “Dožití” direct marketing project, which is highly demanding in terms of coordination and data.

It involves comprehensive production services, including graphic design of documents and their print production, as well as database production, including the pairing and linking of several data sources, contract personalisation with many variables, checking this data before printing, and placing all these materials in folders, envelopes, and boxes. They are handed over to the shipping company, together with overview and delivery documents.

We are also responsible for recording digital images to archive contracts accepted by clients during promotions. All this takes place virtually, via an application we have developed, directly in the client’s DACP.

Documents are distributed to staff from the GČP sales network (branches, agencies, and external partners) to help them support their argumentation during in-person meetings, with clients whose Life Insurance is coming to an end (hence the campaign title “Dožití”). These meetings are preceded by calls made by the call centre, inviting them to the meeting. GČP staff communicate with these clients and try to convince them to invest the money they saved in their Life Insurance in other GČP products, both investment and non-investment.

Over the project’s 12 years, hundreds of thousands of clients have been addressed in more than 60 stages, with average annual sales in the order of millions of crowns.